This article presents a collection of recommendations about: idea validation, startup frameworks, and marketing & growth. Where possible, I try to link out to a popular talk, interview, or podcast by each author to help you decide if their book might be a good fit for you.

Idea validation books

donw: Will teach you how to figure out what your customers really want, because it is almost certainly not what they are asking for. read comments

Get to know the author Rob Fitzpatrick via his recent appearance on the Indie Hackers Podcast: Episode 154 The Right Way to Talk to People About Your Business with Rob Fitzpatrick.

tejcirkulate: Practical and immediately useful guide to interviewing and talking to users. read comments

Cindy's talk from True Ventures on YouTube "From 0 to Interviewing Customers Well in 90 Minutes" is worth a watch.

mindcrime: I've learned more about "what goes into building a startup" from reading this book than any other book I've read. read comments

Frameworks, or X worked for us maybe parts of X will work for you too?

Three heavy hitters continue to top the Ask HN charts in this category: The Lean Startup, Zero to One, and The The Hard Thing About Hard Things.

CodyReichert: If you're a fan of 37 Signals and/or DHH, this is a succinct and enjoyable read about their principles on building and running a business. read comments

Jason is a Basecamp (37signals) founder. They also have the Rework Podcast.

smartial_arts: In short it's a book for developers that focuses on how to start building an online product, with heavy emphasis on market, and marketing. It also addresses some of the common mistakes... read comments

Rob's podcast Startups for the Rest of Us is an amazing resource, defnitely dip into the archives. Also, the recordings from MicroConf are often chock-full of valuable lessons.

davidwparker: It's basically Lean Startup + Business Model Generation + Applied exercise. I liked it a lot better than Lean Startup because it's actionable. read comments

Marketing and Growth

lpolovets : Engineer-friendy guide to marketing and growth read comments

myproductlaunch: Pretty much a must-read for anyone interested in sales, marketing, or "persuasion". However, even if you're not in that line of work it will blow you away. Lots of good examples and not a lot of fluff... read comments

Exploring the sales and negotiation categories should also prove useful!