This article is a collection of books with only a few 'hits' that, while combing over the data set of comments, I felt were intruiging or unexpected in some way. Click through on a title to read the full comments for each book.

dbcurtis: Build an old-school analog music synth. Very DIY friendly, and great for electronics n00bs. The book is build around a project call the Noise Toaster, but you learn all the analog synth basics along... read comments

Famicoman: A fascinating look at the communications infrastructure in NYC, written as a field guide. Inspired me to make a website in the same style for Philadelphia. read comments

TallGuyShort: Really fun, but it's not really tech, it's more just math. But I do a lot of work with scientific / numerical computing so some may group them together. In addition to math, it covers... read comments

kej: It's instructions for rebuilding civilization if you were stranded in the past, and is just the right mix of funny and interesting. read comments

Symmetry: What it says on the tin. Actually a good overview how some important technologies interrelate. read comments

acheron: 12 different medieval manuscripts the author goes to visit. Describes their history, where they are now and what it's like to see them, contains many detailed reproductions of pages, etc. Not at all dry... read comments

sixstringtheory: Documents a year of her and her family living in Appalachia, totally self-sustaining. Changed the way I think about consumerism and industrialization. read comments

rockyroadster: This sounds like a weird suggestion but it's an incredibly entertaining and interesting book about an amazing entrepreneur who was... read comments

msravi: He has an amazing ability to go really deep into what he's explaining. No hand waving over the details. And yet, it's so very readable. read comments

nojvek: From the creator of xkcd. It's a fun and insightful read on how much goes and analyzes the hypothetical questions read comments

e9: Simple and fun to read + you build full game console and games for it. Has more practical knowledge than my full undergrad degree in Computer Engineering read comments

chrisanthropic: The premise of the book is a study of high-profile heists and how the crimes themselves were heavily influenced and determined by the... read comments

vo2maxer: I can’t express strongly enough my gratitude that if I were to need surgery, it wouldn’t be in an operating room where “the screams of those struggling... read comments