This article is a collection of recommendations regarding Effective conversations, empathy, and leadership. Other categories that might be of interest are: management, mental models, and negotiation.

Effective Conversations

The classic in this category, How to Win Friends and Influence People, sits at #2 over all (on MapFilterFold) at the time of writing. The title of Dale's book may sound odd in today's language, but the principles in his book hold up.

ehsanu1: An amazing eye-opener. It's a book about how how to interact with your fellow humans in a way that enriches the lives of everyone around you. It's full of things that should be obvious, but... read comments

selleck: I just finished The Charisma Myth on audio book and immediately bought a physical copy. The book is filled with tips and tricks to increase your charisma that can be applied right away. read comments

Olivia made an appearance at a Stanford entrepreneurship class and you can watch that talk titled: 'Build Your Personal Charisma' here (44 minutes long)

Vanessa has a lot of talks on YouTube and maintains an active channel. Below is a talk she gave at Google. I've read her books, an example of where it can help is if you're attending a conference solo and you'd like to make connections but you're on the introverted side -- Vennesa actually lays out a framework you can apply in such a scenario.

i_dont_know_: Breaks down how to have what might otherwise be an uncomfortable conversation about anything. I really think everyone should read it. read comments

Authors Douglas Stone and Sheila Heen, who also wrote 'Difficult Conversations: How to Discuss What Matters Most' gave a talk at Google:


guiambros: About mindfulness, meditation, and the impact on your life. read comments

A comment from HN user mettamage: "The book Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan the best book I know. It describes scientifically studied exercises of the mind that you can do by yourself. It will boost your empathy much higher than anything I've experienced (or read about on Sciencedaily). It explains the science too and you can look it up. One thing though, reading the book is part 1, part 2 is performing the exercises. If you won't perform the exercises, then reading the book has not much of a purpose. In my experience, I got to amazing levels of empathy by doing these exercises...."

king07828: Reading and deeply contemplating this book dramatically increased my ability to understand and predict emotionally driven behaviors. Drama in movies and in life started to make sense. read comments

photon_lines: Great book about mindfulness meditation. read comments


matwood: As I have advanced in my career, it became clear that leadership and communication are the keys to success. EO (and related books by the same author) provides so many varied benefits... read comments

kevin42: This book really helped me make the transition between being valued primarily for my technical abilities and focusing more on interpersonal relationships and how that affects my ability to... read comments