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Man's Search for Meaning

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Ask HN: Books you read in 2016?

adt2bt: For some, this will be life changing. ~3 hour read is all

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Ask HN: What books fundamentally changed the way you think about the world?

ragnarok451: It's written by a holocaust survivor who was also a psychologist - totally changed my philosophy on what matters in life.

Ask HN: Which non-technology book has influenced you the most and why?

aml183: There aren't words to describe how good this book is. Must read!

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Ask HN: Books you wish you had read earlier?

tudorw: interesting read, it does not focus on the horrors of the event, instead recognizing the human capacity to overcome and rise above.

patforna: One of my favourite books. Read it many years ago and re-read it a few years later. One of the key take aways for me was that we always have a choice of how we deal with adversity and it helped me get through some tough situations.

lowpro: Mans Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl, especially good if you're feeling down or disillusioned.

bradbatt: Amazingly powerful read. It is simultaneously completely saddening to read what some humans are capable of doing to others, but also inspiring to see those who were victims of the holocaust and how they looked out for their fellow man during times when they themselves had absolutely nothing.

Ask HN: Books on specific topics that have applied to many areas of your life?

paramk: This is supposed to be the author's memoir but it is more than that. Read it and it will change the way how you look at your own life.

Ask HN: Which are some of the best books on Mental Toughness?

aalhour: Is a very interesting book about the personal experiences of Viktor Frankl surviving 4 concentration camp during World War. His outlook on enduring suffering and overcoming it is very deep and enlightening.

Ask HN: What are some interesting books you read in 2017?

daryllxd: Quite sobering honestly. I realize I'm spoiled AF.

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Ask HN: What are the books you wish your colleagues had read?

Dowwie: The one book I wish my colleagues would read and learn from

Ask HN: What was the one book that you read and it actually changed your life?

bnchrch: Expanded my view of the human spirit and life in general.

tbjohnston: No matter how bad you think you have it, it can be worse, and you can find meaning.

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Ask HN: Books you read in 2018?

goo: Extremely powerful and potentially life changing. It was both cathartic and therapeutic for me, and has affected how I live my life.

fokinsean: Very enjoyable, a good reminder to appreciate the people and things around you.

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Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

baselined: Changed how I viewed most of the world, especially as a counselor. Learning how experiences change how a person views the world and its impact on their life. ...

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Ask HN: Best books you read in the past decade?

raamdev: Because it helped me realize that in any situation, my attitude is what I always have control over

celticmusic: ...affected me in a way that very few books ever have. You grow up knowing about the holocaust, you see the imagery, but it's all impersonal. You understand why it's a horrific deed, why hitler was a horrible human being, and why we as a society should never allow that to happen again. But there's just something about Frankl's descriptions, at least for me. It personalized it in a way I had never really experienced before. That book horrified me in a way that none of the other material on the holocaust ever had.

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