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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

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Ask HN: Books you read in 2015?

palimpsests: Kondo's book is definitely amazing - a very important book, like you say. The system behind it is extremely simple and quite powerful.

jdimov10: Marie Kondo's book on tidying up is also of delightfully broader utility than the title implies. I just recently finished it - it is a surprisingly insightful book and a real pleasure to read. Highly recommended!

dcolgan: Actually maybe the most important book I've read in a while, helped me throw away a lot of stuff I didn't need

hkmurakami: A philosophy book. Worth a look even if you don't ascribe to its teachings.

Ask HN: Books you read in 2016?

quantazelle: Loved The Life Changing Magic, and totally got rid of so much stuff.

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Ask HN: Books you wish you had read earlier?

chadcmulligan: It's about tidying up, but also about making your living space harmonious without clutter. It's not one of those get a box and put your pencils in it and then label it.

nazgulnarsil: I would strongly recommend people read both GTD and The life changing magic of tidying up by Marie kondo and, and this is the important bit, draw parallels between them...

Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models?

kelukelugames: I used to hate going home until I realized the clutter of stuff made me miserable.

Ask HN: What books have most influenced the way you see the world?

deusum: Has life changing philosophical implications when applied outside of simple home life.

Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

hn_throwaway_99: ...Not so much for the tidying part (though I did find that extremely helpful), but the whole idea of only keeping things in your life that "spark joy"...

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