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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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Ask HN: Book Recommendations?

Ping_2_Ur_Pong: Glorious book that is a fun read, when you need a break pick this up and laugh hard

Ask HN: What was the best book you read in 2016?

pranay01: Fun read which is also deeply philosophical at the same time. Got me interested in science fictions as a genre.

Ask HN: Which non-technology book has influenced you the most and why?

rcarmo: Douglas Adams' humour had a (very) lasting impression on me, and inspired me to write (and communicate, to this day) using a similar kind of humor and lateral thinking - because if you're not having _some_ fun, then you're not really accomplishing anything.

Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models?

BrandiATMuhkuh: It taught me how small the earth is. And therefore we should use the limited time we have wisely. Also, Don't Panic.

Mentions by: QAPereo

Ask HN: What's one book that changed your life?

kirubakaran: I learned to be less Arthur and more Ford about my approach to living my life in general, and dealing with Fenchurch winking out of existence in particular.

Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

komali2: Helped me understand that though I may die (or the universe may end), that might be OK.

Mentions by: rcarmo : Procrastes : TrinTragula

Ask HN: Recommend one book I need to read this summer?

fvztdk: What's better than to have a good laugh, even if already read it, is always a nice book. And if you finish it fast, you have the rest of the series ahead.

Ask HN: Read any good books lately?

rohitbhats: Can't stop recommending it. I am currently reading the 3rd book 'Life, the Universe and Everything'

Ask HN: Best books you read in 2012

borlak: Good, surprised how short it was. really liked the style of writing, fun to read. recommended