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The Power of Now

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Ask HN: What three books impacted your career the most?

l33tbro: A great source to return to in times of personal and professional woes.

Ask HN: Books you wish you had read earlier?

mattbettinson: The power of now changed my life. Hard to describe without sounding hokey

K0SM0S: Regardless of where you find the information contained in this book (there are many works on the topic, both modern and throughout history), this book helps understanding that living in the present moment is critically important, and a key to happiness...

Ask HN: What are your favorite books of all time, and why?

Panino: Overcoming mental pain through consciousness.

Ask HN: Which books have made you introspect?

madads: Promoting “breathing” without thinking and not taking your thoughts too seriously has got me through a lot of emotional turmoil and “life situations”. Incredible even 5 years later.

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Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

rthomas6: It introduced me to an entire world I didn't know was there before. Straight up Vipassana meditation is better, but it's less accessible, and this book started me on the path. Parts of it cross the woo threshold for me, but the book can fundamentally alter how one sees reality. ...