Quantum Computing Since Democritus

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Ask HN: Books with a high signal to noise ratio?

kamilner: It covers an astounding amount of stuff -- including complexity theory, the nature of randomness and information, and quantum information theory -- into less than 400 pages.

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Ask HN: What's the best computer science book you've read recently?

simon_acca: A brilliant MIT professor's reflections on the intersection between computer science, physics and philosophy.

reckoner2: This would be my recommendation as well. It is closer to a textbook, than say a popular science book, but is still a very fun, engaging, and at times pretty funny read.

Ask HN: Which book are you reading these days?

chubot: This book makes me wish I was cool enough to understand everything in it. But still, it does a very good job at connecting the high level bits, and letting you skip over proof sketches if necessary.