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Gödel, Escher, Bach

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Ask HN: What books had the greatest effect on how you structure your code?

BJanecke: Just like the other non programming book on the list(Thinking Fast and Slow) GEB is a lot about perception to me. Understanding that nothing is purely logical nor is it purely expressionistic; by pigeonholing your perception of any design whether it be Code, Math or Art to either Logic xor Expression you are blinding yourself

Ask HN: What's one book that changed your life?

undy: That book made me clearly see what I wanted to do. (I am now a professor of mathematical physics). I should definitely read it again...

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Ask HN: What book changed your life in 2014?

Igglyboo: Finally got around to reading it and I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier. I'm honestly considering staying in school and going for a masters or PhD in computer science after reading it(about to graduate and have job in industry lined up).

Ask HN: Which book are you reading these days?

nemo1618: I'm loving it. Some parts are funny, some are dry, and some are truly mind-blowing. As someone who loves wordplay, self-reference, and multiple layers of meaning, this book is like crack. Every chapter surprises me with something new. Its reputation is well-deserved.

Ask HN: Which books have made you introspect?

bottled_poe: This book is so rich with philosophical content it will change you.

sesteel: ...changed my entire world view.

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Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models?

autarch: Made me think more deeply about so many topics

vpribish: If you're reading this page you will dig this book.

mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music. Most mind-blowing is his meta-writing style, using short fictional dialogue interludes (sprinkled with easter eggs) to convey each concept in very subtle manner. The joy when you see it.

colordrops: Completely broke down the rigid models I had for how I perceive objects around me and my place in the world.

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Ask HN: Which books do you wish you'd read earlier in life?

thescribe: I hated math for most of high-school, but I read this book between semesters and it changed my career choice.

Ask HN: What book do you recommend everyone should read?

niosus: I've read several times and glean new things each reading. And those things I've learned have formed essential parts of the heuristics I use on a day to day basis to deal with the dark ambiguities of life.

Ask HN: What are your favorite books of all time, and why?

mbrock: Awakened my intellectual curiosity about formal systems and other autistic modes of beauty as a teenager.

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Ask HN: What books do you keep on your desk?

alehul: It's one of the most informative books I've ever read with a really valuable perspective to view information through. I find myself applying it more frequently the more recently I've re-read it.

Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

zengid: Made me realize how everything I've found interesting in Art-music-math-science-nature-etc have interrelated features that can be explained from a logical/computational perspective. It planted some ideas in my head that would later blossom into a deep passion for computer science and particularly programming languages.

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Ask HN: What was the one book that you read and it actually changed your life?

fanf2: GEB convinced me that intelligence and consciousness could be mechanical. I already knew about chaos and fractals, so I already had the idea that mechanical things could be infinitely complicated and unpredictable. But GEB sealed the deal, and that was it: atheism.

gebBook83: One doesn’t read it so much as study and marvel it

Ask HN: Books that change your way of thinking?

kgutteridge: I was recently given this book by a doctor friend its absolutely brilliant and should appeal to any hacker

Ask HN: What are the books that changed the perspective of your life?

grey-area: An exhilarating skip through the wonderland of western maths, art, music and philosophy.

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Ask HN: Book Recommendations?

Ping_2_Ur_Pong: Recursion, but not from a software perspective. Its a glorious book that will change the way you think about recursion.

Ask HN: What language-agnostic programming books should I read?

mtreis86: about the intersection of music, math, and computers.

Ask HN: What is the most mind blowing book you've ever read?

SCHiM: Shaped the way I think in many ways and really warped my perspective on allot of things.

sriku: Both a work of literary and technical genius.

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Ask HN: Recommend one book I need to read this summer?

Culmat: A beautiful multidisciplinary dive into number theory, self-reference, consciousness art and much more. It's written in the spirit of Lewis Carroll. Really enjoying it right now

Ask HN: What three books impacted your career the most?

msluyter: Because it sparked my interest and got me started down the path.