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Ask HN: Books you read in 2015?

acj: Got me interested in Isaacson's other books.

Ask HN: What books fundamentally changed the way you think about the world?

donaldiljazi: Not because of his life. But because of his thinking (and other people's thinking in the book).

Ask HN: Books you wish you had read earlier?

Amogha_IO: ...Almost all startup founders I have met has read this. They usually have a very polarized view of Jobs after reading this...

Ask HN: Recommendations on books and documentaries on tech companies/people?

wdr1: Gives a good sense of the companies he ran while he was there.

Ask HN: Best books you read in the past decade?

Insanity: To learn about the Apple and Steve Jobs himself. I thought it was great

aloukissas: Amazing life story, beautifully described

Mentions by: james_niro

Ask HN: Best books you read in 2012

mindcrime: Just a fascinating story of a strangely interesting man. Lots of computer industry history embedded in here as well.

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