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Don't Make Me Think, Revisited

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Ask HN: Non-tech books that have helped you grow professionally?

tracker1: As developers, and even PMs we will tend to overload our users with too much... simplification, structure, clarity come to mind.

Ask HN: Good books or articles on UI design?

jordanlev: Also highly recommend Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think"

akie: I still really like and would strongly recommend Steve Krug's "Don't make me think"

meesterdude: If there is one UI design book to read, "dont make me think" is it.

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Ask HN: Which books do you wish you'd read earlier in life?

garganzol: The book changed the course of my life. It allowed me to build a sustainable business, that at some point became my full-time job. The magic of that book comes from the fact that it allows you to gradually develop a compassion. For your customers, prospects and all other living beings in this world. ...

Ask HN: Books you should have read when you start a career in SE / CS?

_hardwaregeek: While they're not strictly software or programming related, I really like the concepts of making interfaces that require minimal thought to use and empathizing with your users. I've seen an unfortunate amount of "programming machismo" where a confusing or poorly engineered system is used and accepted because "that's just how things work in the real world".

Ask HN: What's the best book on modern UI/UX?

jasonhong: For simple and practical design tips.

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Ask HN: Best books you read in the past decade?

photon_lines: Great overall book on UI design which definitely had an effect on how I approach designing user interfaces