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The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion

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Ask HN: Books you read in 2015?

neilsharma: This book helped me understand conservative thinking, made me less heated in my opinions, and provided a convincing framework for me to understand moral arguments

Ask HN: Book Recommendations?

criddell: Prior to reading this, my politics aligned very closely with those of Sanders and I thought everybody on the right were selfish, evil, close-minded fools. After reading the book, my politics are still left of center (but definitely right of Sanders), but I think I understand and appreciate the politics of my right leaning family and friends.

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Ask HN: What was the best book you read in 2016?

grzm: I'd love to see The Righteous Mind as required reading for HN! I picked it up originally for its subtitle: aptly subtitled Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion. Probably had the most impact on me of any book I've read in the past few years.

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Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models?

TheAceOfHearts: It was very insightful. I enjoyed it so much that I ended up immediately recommending it to many of my friends. The author does a good job at getting the main points through. He ends each chapter with a summary of the discussed points, and at the end of the book he sums em all up again.

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Ask HN: Any recommended books on developing mental models?

travmatt: ...will give you a great basis for understanding political motivations.

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Ask HN: Which books do you wish you'd read earlier in life?

RobAtticus: Very easy to read and flows really well in my opinion. He builds up ideas very naturally with just the right balance of academic and colloquial.

sixhobbits: It changed the way I think and most of my existing ideas.

Ask HN: Which books have made you introspect?

TheAceOfHearts: This book had a big impact on me; it definitely made me re-evaluate how I was approaching things like politics and religion.

Ask HN: Favorite books on how to be a good manager?

sixhobbits: Not specifically about management, but in general, if you haven't read Jonathan Haidt's "The Righteous Mind", you should do that first. This is the book that has changed the way I think and understand people the most, and has indirectly helped me more with management than all of the management focussed books combined.

Ask HN: Books you read in 2018?

tashoecraft: Great read for this current climate. Allowed me to understand those around me better and to improve relations with family members who are far over on the right side of the political spectrum better.

Ask HN: Favorite nonfiction books of 2018?

iamjk: Absolutely loved The Righteous Mind, it was one of my favorites this year as well.

ternaryoperator: The Righteous Mind is brilliant. It gives an excellent framework by which to understand today's events better.

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Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

acabal: I just finished reading this and it is definitely incredible. It put in to words the many jumbled and foggy thoughts I've been having on the subject for a long time. I feel as if I can perceive people's motivations so much more clearly now, and so many people's apparently contradictory behaviors are suddenly explained and obvious. Fantastic and very important book.

TheAceOfHearts: his book fundamentally changed how I think about religion and politics. It helped me understand a lot of behaviors which I'd previous considered absolutely incomprehensible.

iamjk: ...Almost every conversation I have over religion or politics brings to mind the lessons I learned from The Righteous Mind.

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Ask HN: Best books you read in the past decade?

Reedx: Great for grey thinking and better understanding. And I think it's one of those books that if everyone read it, we'd all be better off. Like an antidote or inhibitor to tribalism.

lukifer: Of all the books of the last ten years, I can't think of one that more transformed my understanding of (and compassion for) my fellow thinking, feeling, moralizing, tribal primates.