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Ask HN: Book Recommendations?

mbrd: It starts at simple circuits and builds up a picture of how computers work. It has really helped me get my mental models of what's going on inside a computer straightened out!

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Ask HN: What was the best book you read in 2016?

mindcrime: If you didn't take, or have forgotten, classes like Computer Architecture or Digital Logic, this is a great book for getting your head around the low level details of what's happening in side a digital computer. Petzold starts from VERY basic examples (using a flaslight to morse code messages to your friend across the street) and slowly builds up to a full-fledged (if somewhat minimalistic) CPU.

Ask HN: What are some books where the reader learns by building one project?

pjungwir: ...takes this approach to explaining how a computer works. By the end he has a working system with CPU, RAM, inputs, and outputs.

Ask HN: What language-agnostic programming books should I read?

ctrlp: This one is truly language-agnostic. Others have mentioned it already. Can't recommend enough if you're iffy on the internals of computers and programming.

jrmg: This is an amazing book. Hard to describe, and maybe not even all that interesting sounding if you managed to describe it accurately, it’s actually fascinating. If you don’t know much about hardware (and maybe even if you do) it’ll change the way you think about computing devices.

JonoW: I loved this book, a must read for any dev

gigonaut: It is a great read. Has to be top 5 interesting books I have read over the years.

drio: I would absolutely start with that. One of my favorite books.

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Ask HN: Which books are “must-read” for anyone trying to learn about your field?

jtms: I just love this book! It was a joyous adventure of discovery the first time through. Subsequent reads always yield new insights.

Ask HN: Books you read in 2018?

ashelmire: It goes from Morse code and electrical circuits to more complex code as conceptual fundamentals.

Ask HN: What book to read to get a footing in CS theory?

rhizome31: For computer architecture, Petzold's "Code" is wonderful.

Ask HN: What are the most fundamental books on computer science?

archielc: This one's for you if you want to learn or just recap principles of computers (and read on evolution as well). I just started reading it and found it suprisingly easy to follow. It's perfect if you like things explained step-by-step and in a simple way.

jtms: This is one of my favorite books of all time! I built an 8 bit ALU and a few KB of ram and misc other parts of a computer in Minecraft using the schematics in this book and it was one of the most fun things I have ever done.

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Ask HN: Fun Tech Book Recommendations?

vertexmachina: Fantastic book. I learned everything it covers in college, but the way it masterfully connects them all together is incredible and made connections in my brain that I didn't have before. There's also something satisfying about seeing incremental abstractions develop in an intuitive way.

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Ask HN: What are some of the best written programming books?

joshvm: Not so much programming, but very good if you're interested in how your computer actually works.

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