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Head First Design Patterns

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Ask HN: What three books impacted your career the most?

amerkhalid: Didn't learn patterns in school. This book made a lot of difference in communication with more experienced programmers.

Ask HN: What language-agnostic programming books should I read?

hoorayimhelping: I loved this book. It really helped me understand the power and effectiveness of OO design when used correctly.

matt_s: The style of writing is light and fun. There are definitely concepts about abstraction, etc. that may take a while to grok and the different approaches help.

vblord: Best design pattern book i've read is [this book]. It's fun and very informative.

Mentions by: fazkan

Ask HN: What books had the greatest effect on how you structure your code?

skytreader: Is a great influence too when it comes to OO-abstraction, for good and bad.

Mentions by: robinphilip1989

Ask HN: What books do you keep on your desk?

k1ns: Another college textbook, and one of my least favorite reads of all time, but I'll be damned if it doesn't explain design patterns well enough for me to keep it around.

Mentions by: gradyj