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The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

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Ask HN: What books fundamentally changed the way you think about the world?

amk_: It's where the term "paradigm shift" comes from.

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Ask HN: What books have most influenced the way you see the world?

westoncb: Looks at large scale trends in scientific progress [as well as looking more closely at the notion of 'progress' in this context]. Probably the most important features he extracts have to do with distinct phases that scientific work can typically be classified under: 'normal' science and 'revolutionary' science. ...

Ask HN: Which books have made you introspect?

kaycebasques: Discusses the underlying group dynamics that influence the progress of science.

Ask HN: What are your favorite non-fiction books of all time?

dmccunney: His thesis was that the real progress came from notions that lay outside accepted theories, and provided new paradigms by which reality might be understood, and faced all the resistance transformative ideas face from entrenched doctrine until they are demonstrated to be correct.

Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

nostrademons: Before, I'd thought of science as absolute truths about the universe which we could only discover, linearly. Afterwards, I learned that science is as much a political process as any other major institution, that scientists are not immune to human psychological biases, ...