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Blindsight (Firefall, #1)

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Ask HN: Books you read in 2015?

Hortinstein: Amazing first alien encounter book that should be read by everyone that is a fan of the genre. Memorable cast of characters...the Vampires are really interesting. All kinds of introductory scientific concepts throughout. Entertaining and educational.

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Ask HN: What books have made the biggest impact on your mental models?

Ronsenshi: Read it some time in university and it has completely changed how I think about things. Figuratively speaking turned my mind inside out.

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Ask HN: What are your favorite books of all time, and why?

bornon5: It's a sci-fi novel that asks fascinating questions about sentience and intelligence, and made me stare at the ceiling for weeks after I finished it.

Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

komali2: A romping and intellectually trusting sci-fi involving space vampires. Good biology. Made me seriously question the nature of consciousness.

Ask HN: Recommend one book I need to read this summer?

smsm42: Very strong hard sci-fi with mind-bending approach to the question of conscience. And vampires (not the Twilight kind, the scary kind).

Ask HN: What book changed your life in 2014?

MichaelGG: Not because it's a great fiction story (it is), but because it introduced me to the concept of Unconscious Intelligence. We take it for granted that "sleeping on a problem" or "going for a walk" can lead us to great ideas and breakthroughs. That's great, ideas do just pop into the mind. But... what created those ideas?