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War and Peace

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Ask HN: Books you read in 2016?

gshubert17: It took our reading group about six months to read it. Our discussions really added to my understanding and enjoyment.

Ask HN: What book do you recommend everyone should read?

roystonvassey: The more everything changes the same humans stay. 200 years old and yet you can empathise with every character

Ask HN: Which books have made you introspect?

coleifer: There are some tedious passages where Tolstoy develops a theory of history, but the realness of the characters, and their struggles to find themselves, is described better than any other book I've read. It's a beautiful story.

Ask HN: What books changed the way you think about almost everything?

jesusofsuburbia: It made me aware that someone as successful and powerful as Napoleon himself was by a large extent only a product of the people and the mood at the time. What I mean is that it wasn't him who inspired the people; it rather was just the Zeitgeist he was the perfect person for. ...

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Ask HN: Recommend one book I need to read this summer?

bshimmin: If you read it casually, it'll take you most of the summer; if you race through it, you might be done in a few weeks. It's funny, it's tragic, it's moving, it's educational.

juergenkuebler: A book that you will have to read once in your lifetime.