aws_ls: The first of several best seller's by Michael Lewis, gives insights into the working of Investment Finance business, and in a very interesting way (lots of humor) read comments

CoffeePython: It has some programming related themes. Listened to it while I was working for a FinTech client in the online trading industry. read comments

jor-el: It is about the one of the greatest paternship between Nobel laureate Danny Kahneman and his colleague Amos Tversky. read comments

w126: Written not long before the peak of the dot-com bubble, tells the story of James H. Clark, the founder of SGI, Netscape and other companies. read comments

peacetreefrog: Will affect the way you (strive to) make decisions. Worthwhile even if you've seen the movie and/or don't like baseball. read comments

_gtly: A highly-entertaining insider's view of the mortgage/financial debacle. read comments