Kapura: Convincing possible future dominated by media, corporations, computers, and drugs. read comments

peteforde: It's not a breezy quick read, but my favourite sci-fi is always likely to be Cryptonomicon read comments

dejawu: The first sentence is, "The moon blew up suddenly and without warning." Everything is near-future sci-fi and as grounded and accurate as possible. If you liked The Martian, this will scratch the same itch. read comments

iNate2000: Even more than Star Trek, this novel caused me to think about a post-scarcity world. If we could have anything and everything, what should we do with it? read comments

thedoops: Is superb and I recommend you carve out some time to really let it soak in. Anything by Neal is phenomenal, but Anathem stands out for me. read comments

MuEta: It was 3000+ pages all told, and I LOVED it. His writing has always enthralled me, and I was hooked from the start. read comments

gibspaulding: Very fun! Lots of crazy action while still being almost believable read comments