jugad: This Pulitzer prize winning book proves the adage "Truth is stranger than fiction". Surprisingly, you don't need to know any math or much of physics / chemistry to read this one. It is the story of read comments

jauzeyimam: Howard Zinn—rest in power—is one of the few historians who could 1) detail political arguments and rationales 2) without becoming obtuse in language or overly complex in reasoning... read comments

lunchladydoris: It's a history of oil over the last 150 years. Sounds boring. It's not. It's one of the best books I've ever read. This book has made me realize that the history of the world over the last century... read comments

austenallred: For understanding the mental mindset to win in business (it's not what you think) read comments

moultano: It's mindblowing just as a work of history (prehistory really) but it also entirely changed how I viewed environmentalism. It made me realize that untouched wildernesses don't exist... read comments

_gtly: A highly-entertaining insider's view of the mortgage/financial debacle. read comments

Pietertje: Wonderful book on the Wright Brothers, easy to read, shows that persistence and logic thinking pays out. read comments

megaman8: Changed the way I thought about many many things. It's about the military presence and the early years of the US Colonies and the British presence as well. Everything was so... read comments

slickrick216: Great book to understand the historical underpinnings of different regions in America. read comments

efuquen: It's been amazing. The analysis and insights the author can pack into every single page is just incredible. And all those political, social, and historical insights have... read comments

tashoecraft: Great biography into Lincoln and his cabinet. He was truly a unique president who was able to convert people who hated him into his biggest admirers. read comments

chernevik: LBJ "hacked" the American Senate, understanding its operations better than anyone perhaps ever. He further understood its role in American politics, and the impact of... read comments

austenallred: For understanding the mental mindset to win in business (it's not what you think) read comments

briga: Pretty traumatic read but essential if you really want to understand a dark and overlooked chapter of American history read comments

engi_nerd: I love everything Bryson writes. This is no exception. read comments

heurist: Really fantastic book about the changes in American society over the last two centuries. Argues that the impacts of new technology are decreasing over time. read comments