air7: Hands down the book that most influenced me. The book had (for me) not one but several simple-yet-profound ideas that were forever inserted into the foreground of how I make sense of the world. read comments

vishnugupta: This is truly a magnum opus. Until I read this I had taken money, economy, market etc., for granted. And I had held onto the widely accepted, but naive, view that economic systems... read comments

aws_ls: A perspective changing book, if there can be one. Had picked it up from Gates notes' reading list couple years back. After reading this, my entire perspective on religions, politics, culture changed... read comments

ekr: After reading this, you will understand (and be able to predict) a lot of patterns of human behavior. read comments

hammeringtime: A good political history with lots of insight into many conventions in our modern society, such as even last names, were created to make society manageable by a central government. read comments

jcroll: Looking at humans as just another animal through the lens of a zoologist is eye opening. read comments

moultano: It's mindblowing just as a work of history (prehistory really) but it also entirely changed how I viewed environmentalism. It made me realize that untouched wildernesses don't exist... read comments

wpietri: It's nominally about the social relationships of a chimp colony in a Dutch zoo. But it made me see the extent to which humans are just another great ape, and a lot of human dynamics are... read comments

3minus1: The notion of a "nation" is only 300 years old and has no objective basis, only the fact that a group of people agree that it is a thing. read comments

anatoly: A thorough examination of the hundreds of horrible examples when "natural" societies studied by anthropologists have customs that are not only bad from our modern Western point of view, but... read comments