brensmith: Helped me to understand the language of architecture. What works and why, and what doesn't work and why. To this day I can still pick up this book, turn to a random page and get lost for hours in it read comments

beat: It's about architecture over time - how buildings change and evolve (and eventually die), to suit the needs of their owners and occupants, and how they deal with the three enemies of all buildings... read comments

convexfunction: He's an architect/philosopher who coined the term "design patterns". Beautiful book, got me thinking very hard about how to create artifacts and environments that make the people who... read comments

fsloth: Purports to be about architectural theory but has actually deep things to say about systems design and organizational learning in general. read comments

lb1lf: Eminently readable on structural engineering, explaining concepts and methodology, delivered with the dry wit of a British don. read comments

beat: Learn how to use message queues and service busses correctly. Honestly, just read the first couple of chapters (65 pages or so), and the rest is reference, to look up as needed... read comments

Fuzzwah: I first read it when I was ~25 and it made me think about the way the world is, the historical reasons it is this way and how we can nudge it towards being better... read comments

jpamata: Series is a good one for leaning how to build production applications and you can read it online. The chapter on Scalable Web Architecture[3] is a must-read. read comments