stevenj: I'm interested in the high-finance and fine-art worlds and this book discussed how they both go together - money and art - in an informative, quick-paced way. read comments

braveheart1723: Is the book on animation, takes you through all the basics and breaks down why disney's animators were just better than everyone else... applicable to css3 / front end development. read comments

supernormal: At the time, the book helped me develop a new way to see and receive the world. I then applied that into my own life to shape what type of ideas and projects I'd go on to pursue... read comments

kayfox: It is a text book and has structured lessons in it, so if you need formal structure its helpful. Following the lessons is not required to gain a lot from this book. read comments

nichodges: Another old(er) book, but one I can't believe I only just found. Rich Gold's outlook on how and why we make things should be required reading for anyone who plans on thrusting their big idea... read comments