stefanv: It made me understand that intelligence is not that hard to understand on a conceptual level. The book is about machine intelligence, but the most impressive thing for me was the simplicity of how... read comments

CodyReichert: This is a really great read about the implications of AI, or general intelligence. It's really intriguing and brings up so many scenarios I've never thought about. Anyone interested in AI... read comments

adamnemecek: This book is a pretty self-contained intro into the state of the art of deep learning. read comments

brogrammer2: The first chapter in the book provides a detailed analysis of how other disciplines contribute to the idea of AI - from Philosophy to Psychology, Biology to Computer Science... read comments

madmax108: It's a book about the different fields of Machine learning (from Bayesian to Genetic evolution algos) and talks about the pros and cons of each and how these can play together to... read comments

danielmorozoff: Once you get your feet wet, the first year PHD course book for good theory is Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Bishop. read comments

mindcrime: Judea Pearl is, of course, a giant in the worlds of statistics and AI, and this book distills his work on "causal inference" and lays it all out in a pretty accessible manner... read comments

phonebucket: It is an outstanding book: a labour of love from a very smart person. The exercises are varied, explanations are great, there's a sprinkling of humour, and connections drawn between... read comments

marrowgari: Great glimpse into the current and potential future of AI. read comments

yboris: I loved Deep Learning with Python by François Chollet -- the creator of Keras. An excellent, coherent overview with working code to train a variety of neural networks. read comments

tvalentius: If you are developing AI for games, then Programming Game AI By Example by Mat Buckland are one of the best book for that. read comments