cvolzer3: Franklin led one of the most interesting lives in human history, and this book is a window into his mind. There's a lot of great advice sprinkled in with subtle, timely humor. Another book I return to often. read comments

thomasreggi: It's a deep dive in understanding and empathizing with another human being, and reflecting and finding the things one is grateful for in their own life. read comments

pranay01: What was interesting for me to learn was that even though he was a great scientist, he was very humane in other aspects - and you can easily relate to. read comments

Amogha_IO: If you are a technical-founder, this is a must read! Gives a very interesting view of- behind the scenes at Apple during its inception and early years. I was really moved by how... read comments

chimprich: Read this because I felt I should rather than out of pure interest, but it was a good decision: fascinating biography and startling how intelligent and occasionally ruthless Mandela was. read comments

Amogha_IO: Richard Branson's Autobiography. From student magazine to Virgin to crazy ballooning adventures and space! I keep coming back to this when I feel like I need a morale boost. read comments

samblr: Had a profound impact on me - how two engineers disgruntled by their nation's defeat in world war 2 went on to become leading company in electronics. read comments

Amogha_IO: A short but powerful memoir by Obama. This gives a unique insight into Obama's thought processes. Most people can relate to this and every "Leader" must read this. It really helps clear... read comments

thirdtruck: If you're an aspiring freelancer or working on creative projects of your own, in particular, then her story has a lot for you. read comments

jpamata: For providing me a new mental framework on building discipline and confidence. read comments