stevenj: I loved this book for its humor, everyday practicality, how relatable it felt even without having a background in physics or knowledge about the pranks and experiments he conducted. read comments

fratlas: Recently read and thoroughly enjoyed "Elon Musk"; good insight into both starting unicorns and how much of a genius Elon is. read comments

marshallbananas: A book about the infamous blood testing startup Theranos. I couldn't put it down. Read the whole thing in a day and a half. It's basically a gripping thriller set in Silicon Valley... read comments

mindcrime: Just a fascinating story of a strangely interesting man. Lots of computer industry history embedded in here as well. read comments

kakarot: I cannot recommend Masters of Doom highly enough to anyone on this website. It's about the rise of Id games and the technological and cultural breakthroughs they made in the industry... read comments

ivanmaeder: The story of Nike, told by the founder. I honestly don't care about Nike but that's not the takeaway—it's not about shoes or T-shirts or Michael Jordan. It's about a guy trying to keep a business alive... read comments

quantazelle: A first person memoir about an aqui-hire by Facebook / Twitter. Interesting to learn about the differences in corporate culture and how Ycombinator works behind the scenes. read comments

randcraw: "Hackers" is brilliant. No other book captures so well the iconoclastic adventurer spirit at the heart of the microcomputer revolution from '75 to '85. read comments

schlagetown: Unbeatably rich and compelling look at how power and politics actually work, for better (power gets things done) and for worse (power blinds and corrupts) read comments

_8usx: The book is full of excellent anecdotes on the joys and consequences of sincere curiosity. To this day it still inspires me to ask "What is behind x/ if I push/pull/turn/fuzz this x" and... read comments

JSeymourATL: Turns out the creator of Dilbert was at one time a mid-senior level manager in Corporate America, who attempted several failed entrepreneurial ventures over the years. He's also a brilliant writer. read comments

s73v3r_: It's about his time at HubSpot, which kinda seems like it was almost a parody of startup culture and drinking the Kool-Aid. He later went on to be a writer on Silicon Valley for seasons 2 & 3, and says... read comments

Simorgh: This book details the tumultuous roller-coaster ride that was the early days of Twitter. I feel it is an essential read to truly understand the mentality, minds and drive of many within the start-up world. read comments

andrewb1: It's a compilation of talks and essays from Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet's business partner. This book has single-handedly changed my invest strategies and mindset. Instead of trying to... read comments

mr-ron: It's literally about 20 biographies in one book, documenting the internet creation, and the computer, which meet in the middle in the 80s and 90s. I can't recommended it enough... read comments

ddingus: Being able to tell a story with clarity has far more utility than one would expect. Besides, I want to write a novel one day. read comments