Ping_2_Ur_Pong: Glorious book that is a fun read, when you need a break pick this up and laugh hard read comments

benihana: We're all playing a game and most of us aren't even aware that we can choose not to play. Yossarian is one of the bravest characters in all of literature. He stays true to himself even in... read comments

spython: It may seem like a book on improvisational theater, but is more a collection of notes on interaction between people. Quite eye-opening and empowering. Would recommend to anyone. read comments

zedshaw: Absolutely brilliant book, and probably one of the greatest examples of comedic writing there is. It's also nearly impossible to explain to people except to say it's the greatest example of... read comments

kalado: Reality is defined in a text file, making the protagonist a wizard when he discovers it while hacking a company. read comments

alex_ixd: ...I never expected so many twists and turns where characters melt into one another and plots jump from world domination conspiracy theories to self discovery and awakening. read comments

janvdberg: This is just an amazing book and became one of my all time favorites. read comments

blwsk: The story gradually unfurls itself from the first few pages and new layers are constantly being added. It was written a few years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki but seems even more relevant... read comments

neotek: It's the 13th book of Terry Pratchett's superb Discworld series, but it's the perfect entry point for anyone who hasn't read any of them because it doesn't require any exterior context, and it's... read comments

mlent: Fantastic prose, fantastical characters and situations. Will read more from him. read comments

cyberjunkie: Fictional and funny book about a man with a strict code, who lost his beloved wife and still dislikes everyone. read comments

kej: It's instructions for rebuilding civilization if you were stranded in the past, and is just the right mix of funny and interesting. read comments