TravelTechGuy: Changed the way I perceive language and culture permanently. The notion that if certain words no longer exist in the language, then the associated idea will disappear from the culture was... read comments

elliottcarlson: An excellent story that really made me nostalgic to my younger years - definitely recommend this one. read comments

gedrap: Classic novel with interesting thoughts about engineered society, where every human is assigned class, purpose in the society and feature at birth. read comments

spapas82: This is a great read, the plot feels something like a GoT of scifi; although the setting could also be considered a fantasy one. read comments

charlescearl: Was a favorite. Intelligent, conflicted characters and such a superb interplay of geological science fiction. read comments

ssully: First book that really made the idea of fascism real to me. Not only that, but it just gave me a whole new perspective on the power of literature and how important a genre like Sci Fi can actually be. read comments

anatoly: Superb political SF about an imagined anarchist [anti-]utopia. A serious attempt to describe a human society with no central power structures and no ownership. The hero is a physicist... read comments

amuresan: Enjoyable and entertaining! I'm surprised how different the feel of the book is compared to the Blade runner films. In the book androids are purely rational beings, whereas the film wraps them in... read comments

gedrap: This one was scary. About imaginary corporation (a blend of Facebook and Google and Amazon) and probably not too distant future. If you liked Black Mirrors, you will love this. read comments

blwsk: The story gradually unfurls itself from the first few pages and new layers are constantly being added. It was written a few years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki but seems even more relevant... read comments