keshav92: Highly Recommended. The fact that any skill can be learnt provided you work hard for it really impacted me. Also, it was one of the first books I read, which normalized the importance of hard-work... read comments

spython: It may seem like a book on improvisational theater, but is more a collection of notes on interaction between people. Quite eye-opening and empowering. Would recommend to anyone. read comments

otras: Absolutely changed my approach to learning and studying. Applying the lessons made my studying many times more productive. read comments

squeaky-clean: Really helped me feel more comfortable reading technical books and large books. I've probably worked through more tech/textbooks this year than all other years combined. read comments

peteforde: Perhaps the most important book I've ever read [this book] It's possible that my life is 10-20% easier since I read it, with zero hyperbole. read comments

schlagetown: For understanding the relationship of learning and technology; a smart, humanist, empathetic approach to education read comments

joeclark77: It discusses the intrinsic characteristics of work that lead to satisfaction, growth, mastery, and ultimately happiness. The author is a PhD, worked at a think tank, and quit the white-collar life to... read comments

adroitboss: Fantastic Look into how we as humans work and how to deal with each other and ourselves. read comments

bor0: Introduces logical reasoning, set theory, functions, relations, and proofs. It is the base for understanding any mathematical subject. read comments

Zanni: An introduction to General Semantics and deals with the limitations of language-oriented mental models, e.g. "the map is not the territory," a reminder that a model is just a model and not reality... read comments

tmaly: A great book that has great tips on learning for kids and adults. read comments

cynik_: There are so many gems in this book: from the emphasis on fermi numbers for quick approximations, to a simple demonstration of the distance covered by a random walk as... read comments

Matticus_Rex: The authors took a careful look at the volatile nature of our public discourse, and set out to figure out how big of a problem it is and what might be contributing to it. I came in skeptical... read comments

paraschopra: This is a sequel to the popular Innovator's Dilemma book. I like the sequel much better because it tries to give solutions to the dilemma. The book packs tons of counter intuitive insights... read comments