nickbauman: I was utterly, utterly changed by it. It's a new story for humankind. A story with a much bigger potential, a much more hopeful arc, with a future of unlimited potential because it goes beyond... read comments

lunchladydoris: It's a history of oil over the last 150 years. Sounds boring. It's not. It's one of the best books I've ever read. This book has made me realize that the history of the world over the last century... read comments

tamal: Completely changed my mind on economics, how it relates to people, and what fulfilling work is. I can't recommend it enough. read comments

Theodores: His work is a primer on what freedom is really about rather than this 'freedom' word bandied about by politicians. His work was also important to the environmental movement. read comments

Luc: It's about the major extinction events of the past and their relevance to our current situation. There is so much history of life on earth before humans appeared, it's mind-boggling. read comments

patrickdavey: An introduction to systems theory and a look at why the authors think our system is already in "overshoot" (living beyond what is sustainable) and whether this will lead to collapse, or... read comments

roymurdock: Fantastic look at modern day industrial food supply chain and consequences/alternatives. perfect amount of science, business, psychology analysis applied to a topic that affects all of us... read comments