Ping_2_Ur_Pong: Glorious book that is a fun read, when you need a break pick this up and laugh hard read comments

elliottcarlson: An excellent story that really made me nostalgic to my younger years - definitely recommend this one. read comments

mattnewton: The most epic sci-fi world that is so far in the future it feels like it could be middle earth. Politics, mysticism, prescience, intergalactic travel build an amazing world that feels utterly alien... read comments

sriku: Every single chapter is potentially mind blowing. The whole approach of trying to instruct rationality through such fiction is itself brilliant I think. read comments

nestorherre: Short fiction book with a marvelous message about following your dreams and believing in yourself. read comments

ivanmaeder: It took me a while to warm up to this but I'm glad I stuck it out. I think the charm is in the language and the crazy mix of characters, the way religion is dealt with in a very human way... read comments

feignix: Again, a very touching, charming book about a little kid's world(universe?) view, told through his adventures. read comments

paradoxos: It is an outstanding piece of fantasy. The way of magic is developed / presented in a way you really can feel how it could be possible. A great piece of art by Patrick Rothfuss. read comments

noxToken: If it's an epic by Sanderson, do yourself a favor and board the hype train. You won't be disappointed. It's everything you want in a long fantasy novel without being bogged down... read comments

Hyperbolic: For the essence of xenophobia and subjective realities. read comments

sgtnasty: I put this book off for years because I hated the covers of them. Amazing read, best sci-fi I ever read. read comments

spapas82: This is a great read, the plot feels something like a GoT of scifi; although the setting could also be considered a fantasy one. read comments

mmaunder: Made me realize being different is a superpower. read comments

charlescearl: Was a favorite. Intelligent, conflicted characters and such a superb interplay of geological science fiction. read comments

goo: I picked it up again, and I'm glad I did. It is a gem, and there's good reason that it has become a part of our cultural bedrock. Its exploration of purpose, challenge, and choice is quite moving. read comments