photon_lines: It taught me how incredibly important exercise is when it comes to brain development / general health... read comments

Isinlor: This is how I got really hooked up to triathlon and ultramarathons. Great book, I lent it to many people and changed some of their lives too. read comments

lackbeard: After years of fumbling around in the gym this cut through a lot of bad ideas about fitness, exercise, strength, and health. It lead to the first real (and lasting) progress I've ever made physically. read comments

projektir: How genetics may affect sport performance (and not only that); a bit of a counterpoint to Gladwell's Outliers - probably my favorite book this year. read comments

lackbeard: It turns out that even scientists can be dishonest and corrupted by politics. read comments

homosaphien1: Literally gave me my life back. Suffered back pain which I thought was from sitting and coding for 11 years. I had no idea emotions can have an impact on physical pain... read comments

Mindstormy: For most of my life never really had an interest in working out but learning more about calisthenics and body weight fitness in general has really changed things for me... read comments

humpt: It changed how I look, how I eat, my health, my self esteem/confidence, my mood. I am a completely different person now. read comments

windexh8er: I went and did a week long Wim Hof class after reading it and the book was a great preread that gave me perspective and context for the trip. read comments

raamdev: Because it completely changed the way I understood posture, pain, and how repetition influences my body read comments