lmiller1990: Sleeping is important, and since I started doing more (and improving the quality of), I feel better and get more done. read comments

crazygringo: Not just about an utterly fascinating topic (psychadelic drugs), in terms of history (LSD turning from a scientific wonder drug to illegal), his personal experiences, and the neuroscience... read comments

f2000: If you've got even a hint of depression or anxiety this is a great resource. Reading/understanding the "10 cognitive distortions" in this book is worth the time for anyone, imho. read comments

photon_lines: It taught me how incredibly important exercise is when it comes to brain development / general health... read comments

yla92: It's beautifully written. It opens up my minds about aging and the struggles that elder people face it. It also reminds me that it is most important that one gets to enjoy life till it ends. read comments

Isinlor: This is how I got really hooked up to triathlon and ultramarathons. Great book, I lent it to many people and changed some of their lives too. read comments

neilsharma: An excellently written history of cancer. read comments

prashnts: This book contains tales of some of the Sacks's patients. A very interesting read. read comments

mbrodersen: It really changed my mind about how to achieve long term mental and physical health. read comments

SirensOfTitan: I find it the textbook on meditation and it has largely transformed my life. read comments

StacyC: This is the book that switched on the light for me. It’s no exaggeration to say that it put me on a path to the best levels of health and fitness I have ever known. I am 56 and feel like I’m in the prime of life. read comments

lackbeard: After years of fumbling around in the gym this cut through a lot of bad ideas about fitness, exercise, strength, and health. It lead to the first real (and lasting) progress I've ever made physically. read comments

drivers99: Completely changed my world view on how to lose weight. read comments

projektir: How genetics may affect sport performance (and not only that); a bit of a counterpoint to Gladwell's Outliers - probably my favorite book this year. read comments