DCoder: 11/22/63 in particular is hard to put down, King doesn't need the supernatural to create a thrilling story. read comments

kailden: Historical fiction that tells the story of the Spartan 300 and the battle of Thermopylae. Lived up to it’s high recommendation. read comments

magic_beans: Some of the most beautifully written fiction I've ever read in my life. read comments

ctchocula: This book is about the reminiscences of a butler who in his younger days served a respected aristocrat, and gets clues that his master's reputation has come become suspect. read comments

ianrentsb: This book was so beautiful and haunting. Set in occupied France during World War II, the novel centers on a blind French girl and a German boy whose paths eventually cross. read comments

CamTin: It's a short read, but it packs in a lot of insight about the human condition. I re-read it every year or so, and still learn new things. read comments

hackerbloos: First in the semi-fictional trilogy accounting the fall of the Roman Republic, told through the eyes of Cicero’s secretary, Tiro. Really good. The politics, the corruption, the ancient city really... read comments

roryisok: Beautifully inventive fantasy novel about two magicians bringing magic back to Britain during the Napoleonic wars. Fab read. read comments

bwb: The best historical fiction I've read, you will love it. read comments