komali2: A romping and intellectually trusting sci-fi involving space vampires. Good biology. Made me seriously question the nature of consciousness. read comments

btschaegg: Worth reading for the landscape descriptions alone, McCarthy transforms the American west into a hellscape of inhuman violence, savagery, and evil; and yet, it's a beautiful descent into madness... read comments

sgtnasty: I put this book off for years because I hated the covers of them. Amazing read, best sci-fi I ever read. read comments

ljm: You can't beat a mind-bending horror like that. I live for this stuff. read comments

fokinsean: Highly recommend! It is nothing like it is portrayed to be in pop culture and I thoroughly enjoyed it. read comments

roryisok: Everyone goes blind and a bunch of sentient plants start eating people. one of the first science fiction books I ever read, and the one that introduced me to post apocalyptic fiction... read comments

jaxOLantern: Intense story, read it in one night. Not sure it taught me much but man it is good. read comments

real-hacker: I still get goosebumps when thinking about reading this book a few years ago. This man is a master of words. read comments

psychotik: Well written, engrossing but a typical Stephen King novel read comments

calebm: Is just so beautifully written. It was Oscar Wilde's only novel (he only needed one). It also has the absolute best preface of any book I've read: read comments