aphextron: When I picked this book up at a library I just sat down reading page after page being blown away by how he would describe the exact same sensibilities I had been reaching for... read comments

parallel_item: Murakami talking about his decision to become an author and also his lifelong hobby of running. read comments

ravishi: I still can't put into words how this book changed my world view, but it was one of the most impacting books I've ever read. From religion to arts to personal goals, everything changed with... read comments

green7ea: Shogun is an awesome read; I read it yearly. The many interleaving and embedded plots create fascinating character depth. Not only that but Clavel easily transitions between the point of view of... read comments

samblr: Had a profound impact on me - how two engineers disgruntled by their nation's defeat in world war 2 went on to become leading company in electronics. read comments

joekrill: I was surprised how much I enjoyed this! What an amazing read. I typically don't enjoy this sort of book where everything seems to have some deeper meaning and it's very "out there"... read comments

TrickedOut: Because the pace of half the book so closely resembles my life, decisions, alternative histories and the limited time we have in the world. read comments

aws_ls: Work of fiction by the Japanese best seller author Keigo Higashino. Enjoyable read - contrasts a Physicist and a Mathematician trying to out think each other in a crime context... read comments