btschaegg: Worth reading for the landscape descriptions alone, McCarthy transforms the American west into a hellscape of inhuman violence, savagery, and evil; and yet, it's a beautiful descent into madness... read comments

spapas82: This is not so light-hearted; it is serious sci-fi presenting some excellent ideas that would blow your mind. This is sci-fi at its best. read comments

amuresan: Enjoyed it a lot, a reflection of Hemingway's romantic spirit. Also, a quick read. read comments

ctchocula: This book is about the reminiscences of a butler who in his younger days served a respected aristocrat, and gets clues that his master's reputation has come become suspect. read comments

yetanotheracc: Absolutely amazing, changed the way I look at the society, will re-read read comments

leoh: Inexpressibly beautiful novel that takes place largely on the Hudson River above New York read comments