mck-: What a unique masterpiece. Covers a wide range fascinating concepts through the three geniuses in Math, Art, and Music... read comments

briga: The sheer breadth of the ideas covered in this book is breathtaking, and there are some truly mind-bending ideas explored in this book. If you're looking for a good general science book I highly... read comments

jonbarker: More general purpose problem solving but written by a mathematician and one of the best books I've ever read! read comments

otras: Absolutely changed my approach to learning and studying. Applying the lessons made my studying many times more productive. read comments

OJFord: It covers automata and languages, computability, and complexity - and is brilliantly written, the proof style in particular: clear 'proof idea's followed by the details that can be easily skipped... read comments

msravi: He has an amazing ability to go really deep into what he's explaining. No hand waving over the details. And yet, it's so very readable. read comments

jordigh: It's a wonderful book, written in a very engaging style, and it shows you how mathematicians think and how they play. It shows you why we have proofs, why things go wrong, and... read comments

manifestsilence: It's somewhere between biography and science for laypeople. Almost a biography of an idea. What he wrote about the edges of science and how scientific rebels think about their fields... read comments

anaphor: Obviously everyone knows about GEB, but he also wrote a shorter follow up that in my opinion expresses his ideas much more clearly. I think that even if you disagree with him, it's worth reading... read comments

simon_acca: A brilliant MIT professor's reflections on the intersection between computer science, physics and philosophy. read comments

pliftkl: This is one of the more fascinating books that I've read recently. The commentary makes the paper itself very accessible. I rather enjoyed the direct reproduction of the paper itself... read comments

probinso: The ethical and cultural costs of artificial intelligence at-scale read comments

hirundo: Simple rules can yield arbitrarily complex behavior. Therefore reality is inherently computational from the lowest levels. read comments

barrkel: One of the best books I read on programming is [this book]; it's not strictly speaking language agnostic, based as it is on Oz, but Oz isn't a language you'd ever use in production and is a... read comments

schlagetown: Creative parable that's very helpful for conceptualizing abstract concepts of topology and higher dimensions. read comments

paraschopra: A very interesting book that makes the claim that our universe is actually just mathematics. No physical reality exists because physics and mathematics are interchangeable. read comments