sarcher: Changed how I approach documenting and completing tasks - in a business like construction where it's hard to go in reverse, it's been a major component of my success since I first read it... read comments

chrisherd: Haunting, beautiful, moving and perfect. Life is surprising and we can’t legislate for the things that are thrust upon us. read comments

yla92: It's beautifully written. It opens up my minds about aging and the struggles that elder people face it. It also reminds me that it is most important that one gets to enjoy life till it ends. read comments

neilsharma: An excellently written history of cancer. read comments

prashnts: This book contains tales of some of the Sacks's patients. A very interesting read. read comments

anatoly: A brilliant memoir by a neurosurgeon about his work, the nature of his profession, successes and mistakes (especially the latter). Frequently touches or verges into the personal. Not morbid, but often sad. read comments

LA_Banker: I'm not a surgeon; the principles herein are universal. read comments

acj: Insightful analysis of the prevalence and far-reaching effects of hallucination. It's a lot more common (and puzzling) than most of us realize. read comments

mgmeyers: This book helped me get rid of the wrist tendinitis I had for four years prior, in four weeks. It also changed the way I view many of the chronic physical ailments many of us face. read comments