bradbatt: Amazingly powerful read. It is simultaneously completely saddening to read what some humans are capable of doing to others, but also inspiring to see those who were victims of the holocaust... read comments

stevenj: I loved this book for its humor, everyday practicality, how relatable it felt even without having a background in physics or knowledge about the pranks and experiments he conducted. read comments

ivanmaeder: The story of Nike, told by the founder. I honestly don't care about Nike but that's not the takeaway—it's not about shoes or T-shirts or Michael Jordan. It's about a guy trying to keep a business alive... read comments

quantazelle: A first person memoir about an aqui-hire by Facebook / Twitter. Interesting to learn about the differences in corporate culture and how Ycombinator works behind the scenes. read comments

_8usx: The book is full of excellent anecdotes on the joys and consequences of sincere curiosity. To this day it still inspires me to ask "What is behind x/ if I push/pull/turn/fuzz this x" and... read comments

s73v3r_: It's about his time at HubSpot, which kinda seems like it was almost a parody of startup culture and drinking the Kool-Aid. He later went on to be a writer on Silicon Valley for seasons 2 & 3, and says... read comments

ddingus: Being able to tell a story with clarity has far more utility than one would expect. Besides, I want to write a novel one day. read comments

chrisherd: Haunting, beautiful, moving and perfect. Life is surprising and we can’t legislate for the things that are thrust upon us. read comments

cyberjunkie: A biography of the Daily Show host. He's seen a lot of terrible situations and come out unscathed! read comments

adenadel: This is a fascinating memoir about a woman who was raised by fundamentalists and "escaped" to BYU read comments

Isinlor: This is how I got really hooked up to triathlon and ultramarathons. Great book, I lent it to many people and changed some of their lives too. read comments

thomasreggi: It's a deep dive in understanding and empathizing with another human being, and reflecting and finding the things one is grateful for in their own life. read comments

pranay01: What was interesting for me to learn was that even though he was a great scientist, he was very humane in other aspects - and you can easily relate to. read comments

parallel_item: Murakami talking about his decision to become an author and also his lifelong hobby of running. read comments

Amogha_IO: If you are a technical-founder, this is a must read! Gives a very interesting view of- behind the scenes at Apple during its inception and early years. I was really moved by how... read comments