jugad: This Pulitzer prize winning book proves the adage "Truth is stranger than fiction". Surprisingly, you don't need to know any math or much of physics / chemistry to read this one. It is the story of read comments

snorberhuis: This book tells the story of a submarine captain that turns his subordinates into leaders and his submarine goes on becoming the best submarine in the US Navy... read comments

abhiyerra: Basically using the OODA loop and using mental models to make rapid decisions. The best book on John Boyd’s OODA loop in my opinion. read comments

kailden: Historical fiction that tells the story of the Spartan 300 and the battle of Thermopylae. Lived up to it’s high recommendation. read comments

geocrasher: I have read it twice, and it's pretty incredible. And the amount of details he's had to leave out (such as creating a hybrid turbojet/ramjet engine nacelle or a top speed of around Mach 4)... read comments

kevinmchugh: A history of America's nuclear weapons program and it's many near-disasters. read comments

engi_nerd: Autobiography of one of the brashest, best aces of World War II and Vietnam. read comments

boothead: Required reading for understanding how humans work together. read comments

photon_lines: Great novel about the hell of war, as well as incredible prose writing. read comments