qwrusz: The revised edition with notes from Jason Zweig is excellent. The industry is still obsessed with the book ~70 years after it came out and for good reason... read comments

hello_newman: It really opened my mind to so many fascinating mental constructs. I’ve probably read a half a dozen times and take something new from it each time I re-read it. read comments

adroitboss: It teaches you about handling money in one of the most entertaining ways I've ever read. It was crazy good and I reread it often. read comments

Jugurtha: For those put off by the title, Felix Dennis is/was a billionaire and makes a point of differentiating himself from people becoming wealthy giving advice about how to become wealthy. read comments

inerte: Most folks who have $1M liquid are hard working, cheap, frugal (still cutting coupons from ads). The reason why this book is so good is not only because it shatters the perception about... read comments

homoSapiens: Changed my thinking about finance, I don't know how I would have handled my finances if I hadn't come across this book as a teenager, I feel so lucky to have read this book... read comments

jnordwick: This one was recommended by the former head of NYMEX to me when I started my career in trading. Written about Jesse Livermore who made and lost his fortune multiple times. He was often read comments

dv35z: This book is enormously valuable to me, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone (friends, family, colleagues). read comments

_gtly: A highly-entertaining insider's view of the mortgage/financial debacle. read comments

dharmon: A classic that I put off reading for years because I thought it would be a slog (it's sort of long), but I finished in a week. I love business history / case study books, and this is one of the most famous... read comments

jlees: Ramit Sethi's I Will Teach You To Be Rich was nicely written and has a lot of supplementary stuff, mostly centred around managing personal finance well... read comments

sunstone: Insiders view of the markets and other lessons. read comments

rocketpastsix: Gave me a clear path to what to do with my money and investments. read comments