dbcurtis: Build an old-school analog music synth. Very DIY friendly, and great for electronics n00bs. The book is build around a project call the Noise Toaster, but you learn all the analog synth basics along... read comments

nichodges: A unique and refreshing take on creating music that can be applied to the creation of anything. Byrne leaves the mysterious & ethereal world of 'creativity' for dead, and looks at how... read comments

schlagetown: Remarkable exploration of language and translation, in all its magic and complexity…both deeply personal and deeply researched, a must-read for lovers of language. read comments

thirdtruck: If you're an aspiring freelancer or working on creative projects of your own, in particular, then her story has a lot for you. read comments

quantazelle: How pop music is made. It's surprising how assembly-line it actually is, and how many people work behind the scenes. read comments

ddw: Incredibly well written, touching and also an insider look at a period of American music that I'm really interested in. read comments