ericskiff: As someone who doesn't want to "negotiate" and be a hard bargainer across the table, this book taught me how to bring empathy to every negotiation, and to use that get both parties what... read comments

officemonkey: "Getting to Yes" is probably the shortest, most useful book I've ever read. If you have to negotiate anything, this book will help. I read it 22 years ago and it pays off regularly. read comments

apo: Contradicts conventional wisdom about negotiation goals and tactics. Very actionable advice about using interrogative led questions and avoiding the pitfalls of making assumptions during negotiations. read comments

probably_wrong: By taking the point of view that "negotiation" is not "convincing morons to do what I want" but "let's try and solve this together", the author introduces a couple points about how to... read comments

cuchoi: We used 3-D Negotiation at my negotiation class at Harvard. What I liked is that it goes through what you should do before sitting to negotiate. In particular, deal design and the setup... read comments

motohagiography: A very useful traditional reference is The Economist Guide. It is an encyclopedia/dictionary approach to get the concepts and an overview of what... read comments