stefanv: It made me understand that intelligence is not that hard to understand on a conceptual level. The book is about machine intelligence, but the most impressive thing for me was the simplicity of how... read comments

orthoganol: Was great for exploring models from cognitive neuroscience, in same vein as Hofstadter works. read comments

pcprincipal: While some of the question of free will is semantics, Harris deeply changed my position on to what extent we determine our own actions. When someone can present an argument to you for... read comments

prashnts: This book contains tales of some of the Sacks's patients. A very interesting read. read comments

stared: On how or mind works, and why many of our intuitions / common sense knowledge about our mind is wrong (which can be demonstrated experimentally). read comments

Symmetry: On the modern science of what we know about what consciousness is. read comments

acj: Insightful analysis of the prevalence and far-reaching effects of hallucination. It's a lot more common (and puzzling) than most of us realize. read comments

kedean: It's a really interesting perspective on the brain and how it theoretically might produce human intelligence and consciousness. I didn't expect to be exercising my CS background while reading it... read comments

boothead: An excellent book for getting some intuition into how people's past experiences shape them. read comments

rcamera: This book will give you a whole new perspective on how your mind and the human brain works! It will talk about neuroplasticity and real world examples of people that had their brain tweaked... read comments