keshav92: Highly Recommended. The fact that any skill can be learnt provided you work hard for it really impacted me. Also, it was one of the first books I read, which normalized the importance of hard-work... read comments

schlagetown: For understanding the relationship of learning and technology; a smart, humanist, empathetic approach to education read comments

tmaly: A great book that has great tips on learning for kids and adults. read comments

Matticus_Rex: The authors took a careful look at the volatile nature of our public discourse, and set out to figure out how big of a problem it is and what might be contributing to it. I came in skeptical... read comments

sivers: When new parents ask my advice, “Brain Rules for Baby” is the one and only book I recommend. Everyone has told me later they loved it. read comments

pwenzel: This book has been life-changing with regards to my relationship with my 3-year-old. It also changed the way I communicate with adults. read comments

bretthowell: The field guide for anyone who refuses to accept girls and women are less likely to succeed as engineers, scientists, or in any technology profession. read comments

Meekro: The author is a decades-long schoolteacher. Throughout this book, I got to know the history of compulsory government-provided schooling as we know it and began to question whether... read comments