marrowgari: Great glimpse into the current and potential future of AI. read comments

lb1lf: Eminently readable on structural engineering, explaining concepts and methodology, delivered with the dry wit of a British don. read comments

rationalbeaver: Fantastic read that gave me a new way to understand the world. It's hard to do it justice here, but the book builds off of existing information theory to offer an explanation of why... read comments

msravi: He has an amazing ability to go really deep into what he's explaining. No hand waving over the details. And yet, it's so very readable. read comments

ar1n: Both inspiring and terrifying at the same time! read comments

arzt: An exploration of complex adaptive systems and emergence and how they relate to everything around us changed my worldview permanently. read comments

talkingtab: What is money? A message bus in a complex adaptive system. Lots of other stuff out there on complexity but this has a unique perspective. read comments

aethertap: Is just plain mind-blowing, or at least it was for me. It's about the inner mechanics of living cells, and does a really good job of conveying how insanely complex life is. read comments