rayalez: Controversial, I know, a lot of people here hate it for some reason, but it was incredibly influential on me, inspired my passion for entrepreneurship and science and philosophy... read comments

Reedx: Great for grey thinking and better understanding. And I think it's one of those books that if everyone read it, we'd all be better off. Like an antidote or inhibitor to tribalism. read comments

vishnugupta: This is truly a magnum opus. Until I read this I had taken money, economy, market etc., for granted. And I had held onto the widely accepted, but naive, view that economic systems... read comments

retepnap: The book uncovers our misconceptions about what is going on in the world in terms of global population, health and prosperity. It provides you with a sharpened sense of where the world is going... read comments

timtas: I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a foundational understanding of economics. "One Lesson" is meant as a claim that the book is pure "signal." And it is. read comments

Nevermark: It lays out the inevitable power dynamics behind any political system, democratic, autocratic or corporate. The rules for the players are the same, despite different terrain. If anyone thinks politics... read comments

amuresan: An interesting read. It was intended as a guide to the young price Cesare Borgia from his teacher Machiavelli. The secret to enjoying it is not to judge it by modern morality. read comments

jugad: This Pulitzer prize winning book proves the adage "Truth is stranger than fiction". Surprisingly, you don't need to know any math or much of physics / chemistry to read this one. It is the story of read comments

schlagetown: Unbeatably rich and compelling look at how power and politics actually work, for better (power gets things done) and for worse (power blinds and corrupts) read comments

crowdpleaser: Reading Sowell really challenged my utopian impulses, it's amazing how deep his thoughts are but how simply they're expressed, apparently he advised people in the bay area to... read comments

emodendroket: I definitely second Manufacturing Consent! What a great book; how many books of political theory hold up that well 30 years later? I would recommend anybody... read comments

anm89: Has had at least a subtle influence on almost every political economic belief I hold. read comments

jauzeyimam: Howard Zinn—rest in power—is one of the few historians who could 1) detail political arguments and rationales 2) without becoming obtuse in language or overly complex in reasoning... read comments

beat: An overview of political geography, and how the physical structure of land and water affects the cultures living there, their opportunities, and their place in the world. It caused a total rethink about... read comments

portman: Weaves together baseball, earthquakes, the weather, poker, and terrorism. Chapter 7 is the best description of Bayes theoreom I've ever read. read comments

oldcynic: From the 80s, and talking of TV, but it's worth reading again today as it's so applicable to the current landscape. More so than its original target. read comments