vegancap: Very old, very heavy, but very eye opening. A must read for anyone interested in economics. read comments

leoh: Proposes, convincingly, that life has drastically improved for nearly everyone on earth due to a shifting philosophical orientation towards enlightenment values; proposes that... read comments

by Plato

pbhjpbhj: The first book that really set me thinking about the structure of society, about inequalities. And of course about stepping out of The Cave. read comments

david927: I read it because I noticed that it has received every superlative you could confer on such a tome. It deserves them all. If you haven't read it yet, start now. read comments

yodsanklai: Helped me to understand capitalism and American right-wing ideology. read comments

oneexcitingacct: Evidence-packed investigation of how the War on Drugs and mass incarceration have been leveraged to disenfranchise and oppress black people in America. It is infuriating and... read comments

lunchladydoris: It's a history of oil over the last 150 years. Sounds boring. It's not. It's one of the best books I've ever read. This book has made me realize that the history of the world over the last century... read comments

probinso: The ethical and cultural costs of artificial intelligence at-scale read comments

nicostouch: Amazing book for understanding why some countries are dirt poor while others are rich. Absolutely phenomenal read. read comments

nindalf: Most people agree that the War on Drugs is lost and has been lost for decades now. But why did we fight it in the first place? read comments

egonschiele: A book I think everyone should read. It gives great examples of how hard it can be to climb out of poverty. I think we all see "poverty" talked about as generic label, and it can be really hard to... read comments

Entangled: Not only solidified my understanding of power, politics and the state already explained in "Anatomy of the State" by the same Rothbard, but also opened my mind about... read comments

scottlilly: Taught me I don't need to follow the standard path that "everyone else does", and to focus on how I can actively change my world - instead of waiting for someone else to to change it for me. read comments

hammeringtime: A good political history with lots of insight into many conventions in our modern society, such as even last names, were created to make society manageable by a central government. read comments