guelo: The best history book I've read is The Origins of Political Order. Disguised as an academic political science book it is a sweeping history of human civilization starting in China and going through... read comments

encoderer: Chilling but I'd read it again. Simply fascinating, written by a western reporter who was actually there. read comments

baron816: Problems of economic scarcity are really about access. Technology can solve those problems, and we're getting close to solving a lot of the biggest ones. read comments

vkb: It made me realize that the world works much differently than I understood it to on the surface, and that you should never trust any business or government at face value. read comments

lamby: This book tells the story behind the virus that sabotaged Iran's nuclear efforts but reads like a genuine thriller or cyberpunk novel. read comments

yesbabyyes: I'm really impressed. So much of the first part about his youth had parallels to my own. The writing was clear and honest, and he really hits home how the US, or rather the "West", has changed. read comments

tamal: Completely changed my mind on economics, how it relates to people, and what fulfilling work is. I can't recommend it enough. read comments

mck-: Timeless classic, tiny book of 300 maxims. Each one very profound, highly re-readable as you go through life. I've been reading it over and over little bits at a time, for well over a decade by now... read comments

_gtly: A highly-entertaining insider's view of the mortgage/financial debacle. read comments

timtas: ...The Law is the greatest work of classical liberal political though that I have encountered. read comments

bosco2010: They distill a lifetime of research into a small 100 page book. The result is a survey of human history, full of dazzling insights into the nature of human experience, the evolution of civilization... read comments

kaycebasques: It’s liberating to reflect on some of the crazy things that capitalism pressures us to do. read comments

nihonde: You will see applications for the principles in this book in all aspects of society and politics. Easy to read and unassailable insight into what makes people join a common cause. read comments

mindcrime: How one man manipulated a variety of media outlets to gain free PR for his clients. Some of these tactics may seem (and probably are) underhanded, perhaps even downright unethical. But... read comments